Party Services

Are you getting ready for a party?  DShofer is your best partner.  We offer four services they are perfect for any party.

handing keys over

Valet Service:  Let us handle the parking.  We provide the highest quality service to cater to your guest and maximize your parking.

Party Patrol: Have a team sitting outside ready to take care of your guests.  Where they go home doesn’t matter, you pay by the hour.

Pre-Order Ride:  Go ahead and order the team for the end of the party.  Not only does it ensure that your guest will safe, but it also means they don’t stay (LOL).

Party Membership: Let your guests know that you want them to enjoy the entire party.  Each guest receives membership priveledges for your event and can book their own ride.

So regardless if you are having a party at your house or a venue, DShofer is there for you and your guest.