What is DShofer?

DShofer is a chauffeur service that connects you to P.A.D.D. certified drivers to drive your car. These services can either be a one way ride, or rent-a-driver(roundtrip) . DShofer’s aim is to enhance your enjoyment by leaving the driving to us.

Is there a fee to join?

There is no fee to join. DShofer offers both member and non-member services. If you become a paid member, there are enhanced benefits such as discounted fees, concierge service and priority access. You can become a member after you download the app.

How do I become a member?

Click on the membership tab on our app or the website and fill out the membership form.

Which location does DShofer serve?

Currently we operate in St. Louis and Silicon Valley and are in the process of launching many other cities. Your pick up address must fall within our service area and the drop off location should be within 100 miles of the pickup location.

Can I call in a reservation?

Currently we are accepting phone calls and web-based reservations but our goal is for 100% use of our app. Our app provides an easy reservation and tracking process which is beneficial to both you and us.

Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

Yes. Over a typical week, we meet nearly 95% of all requests for changes. The earlier you notify us of your changes, the better we are able to serve you. There are cancellation charges for cancelling within 1 hour of pickup time. Please see our Pricing Policy and Table.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate 24 hours, but there are times when Shofer availability is limited. We strongly recommend booking your Shofer requests in advance to give you the best opportunity to secure a Shofer at your preferred time. Our call center opens at noon every day and remains open until the last reservation.

Is my reservation guaranteed?

We operate on a space available basis. Our members are able to make reservations prior to the day of usage and have no blackout times. There are times when we are at capacity, particularly on popular holidays and weekend nights. We recommend booking in advance to give you the best chance at securing a Shofer.

Is my ride guaranteed?

DShofer works very hard to make all of our reservations on time. However, due to circumstances such as traffic, previous client’s delay, or weather, your Shofer may run late. At 30 minutes after the reservation time you have the option to cancel with no charge.

How are trips priced?

Your DShofer one way fare is based on the Google Mile Estimate. Additional stops and wait time result in additional charges. Rent-a-driver (Roundtrip) is based on an hourly rate. See Pricing Policy and Table for your location for details. Pricing is typically less than a limo, town car or roundtrip taxi. The best way to estimate your fare is to start a reservation and view your quote.

Are there other trip fees?

If your driver makes purchases on your behalf, such as gas, tolls or food supplies, the charges will be added to your fare.

Who are our drivers?

The drivers are Professional Association of Designated Drivers (P.A.D.D.) certified and are required to follow the operating guidelines of DShofer. P.A.D.D. certification includes clean driving records, background checks, drug tests and driving test.

Can I request a specific driver or block a driver?

After taking a trip, you are able to rate drivers and designate a driver as a preferred driver or block a driver. If you choose to have a Shofer on your preferred driver list we will do everything we can to make sure you get that driver as often as possible. Our priority is to offer you the most reliable, highest quality service. To make that happen, we need the flexibility on assignments of Shofers.

Is my credit card information safe?

DShofer does not store or have the ability to view Credit Card information. After you enter it, it is stored on a secure site named Braintree, which is owned by PayPal.

Can I pay by cash?

We expect all fare payments by electronic means. Tips and additional charges for gas/tolls/parking may be paid in cash.

What do I tip drivers?

A typical tip is 20 – 25%

Will drivers buy things for me?

Yes. Shofers routinely make purchases for you during the trip. Examples include gas, tolls, parking and food and beverages. Any purchases made will be added to your fare.

Are drivers insured?

Yes. They are insured in two ways. They are covered as an occasional and permissive user on your existing auto policy. Plus, they carry their own auto insurance.

Can I drive for DShofer?

We believe in Sharing Economy and are always looking for drivers, full-time or part- time. If you are interested in applying, please download DShofer app and submit an application. It is located under menu, “Become a Driver.”

Where is DShofer located?

DShofer is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and has offices in California.

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