DShofer Announces Launch of Indiegogo Campaign


DShofer Raises Funds for Kickoff Events in St. Louis and Silicon Valley

BY CardenGroup | Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2015 03:50 AM

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DShofer, a leading technology-based provider of rent-a-driver services, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money that will fund a free night of rides in St. Louis, Missouri, and in the Silicon Valley, California, the areas in which the company operates. Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding web site.

Launched in February 2015, DShofer enables their clients to use their smartphones to find certified drivers to drive them one-way or roundtrip in their own vehicles. Dshofer’s Indiegogo campaign (http://igg.me/p/dshofer/x/10690501) aims to raise $20,000, which will fund for a free night of services in both St. Louis and Silicon Valley in an effort to raise awareness of the service. The company’s current revenue for St. Louis is $500,000, and with the launch of their mobile app and kickoff event they expect to double their run rate by end of 2015.

DShofer is the genesis of ScooterGuy, a rent-a-driver company founded in 2008 by Michael Oliver, co-founder of DShofer. One of the company’s primary objectives is to eradicate drunk driving. Approximately one out of three people will be affected by drunk driving, and many drivers charged with a DUI said they chose to drive because they didn’t want to abandon their vehicle and deal with retrieving it the next day.

Unlike other services that send their vehicles, DShofer’s free app connects users with a certified driver who will take them home in their own car so they don’t have to worry about getting home safely and picking up their vehicle the next day. After downloading the free DShofer app, clients can request a driver with a few clicks on their smartphone. DShofer services are a good value as it is less expensive than a two-way taxi ride or limousine service.

DShofer continues to grow possessing a membership base of 1,300, weekly rides for nearly 300 people per week, and a total of more than 100,000 rides provided to date. The company spent nearly two years developing their mobile app which offers a comprehensive, fully automated cloud-based Mobile First System with unique ease-of-use and safety features for clients and drivers. Their annual memberships sell for $155 and include preferred reservations and concierge service.

“Our goal is to boost awareness about this service and help inform thousands of people about a great alternative to driving under the influence,” said Oliver.

Drivers for DShofer, are extensively tested for driving abilities and records, lack of criminal backgrounds, and also undergo a drug test. They are further trained in courtesy and providing services to delight the clients, and are certified by the Professional Association of Designated Drivers (PADD). A live operations center in St. Louis monitors security, safety, and performance of the service.

For contributing to the Indiegogo campaign, donors receive perks including a VIP membership, free ride certificate and a smart driver badge noting support for eradicating DUIs. For complete information on the pledge levels and associated perks, see the DShofer Indiegogo page (http://igg.me/p/dshofer/x/10690501).

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